Micro-moments of Egyptian sights, culture, agriculture

The story of a happy childhood

Here’s a challenge: if I would ask you to name a place that’s equivalent to the freedom to you, what would it be?

An ironic question in times when we have just entered the second year of pandemic, we are still in lockdown, and we can talk about anything but freedom, right?

Photo credit: Jonathan Sayeb

The other day, I’ve seen a video of my tango teacher who was talking about dancing and what tango means to her. I’ve seen so much passion in her eyes and you could hear in her voice how much she misses dancing.

Then I realized what has Covid taken away from us.

Soul and mind detox

I consider myself a grateful person. I always try not to take anything for granted and to discover the beauty in small things every day.

So I did during quarantine. Instead of complaining about the situation or getting overwhelmed by fear, I chose to do my part and be responsible during this crisis, but also find different ways to connect with myself and my loved ones.

Photo by Tobias on Unsplash

Quarantine recipe

Fun fact: Did you know that in Rome, Focaccia is also called “Pizza Bianca”? :D

As the situation requires, we must #stayhome as much as possible. And what do you do when you #stayhome? Well, most of the time your mind flies to food, and baking, and cooking. It took me only one weekend to reconnect to my passion for cooking and now brace yourselves, it’s only week 2 of self-quarantine.

I was planning to bake a Focaccia for two months now. However, a global pandemic has to occur in order for me to slow down and take the time…


Pasta with asparagus, broccoli, and zucchini

erPhoto by Dil on Unsplash

When life gives you changes, deal with them!

To be completely honest with you, I think I wrote this article more as something I would tell myself when I feel like things are out of control. But then I thought this might be helpful for others who are going through similar experiences too.

Even when we choose to make a change, our balance and health are quite affected. But when the change occurs unexpectedly, it can easily turn into a total disaster.

There are a large variety of changes that can shake our reality pretty badly: moving to a different city/country, a breakup, a job change, moving to…

All you need to know before going to Kopaonik

Bianca Henrietta Szűcs

I am a PR & Digital Media Specialist and I share my stories about wonderful places, inspiring experiences, beautiful people, lifestyle, and healthy food.

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